About the developers

Developed by a team of experts in the U.S. and the U.K.

US Meta-Analysis Full Team

Full Team – Left to right, (Seated) David Wilson, Betsy Becker, Julian Higgins, Will Shadish, Hannah Rothstein, Michael Borenstein, Mike McDaniel, Steven Tarlow. (Standing) Spyros Konstantopoulos, Larry Hedges, Harris Cooper, John Ioannidis, Despina Contopoulos-Ioannidis, Jack Vevea, Sue Duval, Mark Lipsey, Alex Sutton, Terri Pigott, Fred Oswald, Wayne Greenwood, Thomas Trikalinos.

UK Team - Left to right, Jonathan Sterne, Doug Altman, Alex Sutton, Michael Borenstein, Julian Higgins, Hannah Rothstein

UK Meta-Analysis Team

Not in photos: Jesse Berlin, David Rindskopf, Michael Brannick, Stephen Senn, Vish Viswesvaran, Jeff Valentine, Roger Harbord.

"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is the premier program for conducting meta‐ analyses. It has incredible flexibility in including many different types of effect sizes and in converting between them in a single analysis. It is extremely user‐friendly and has brilliant graphical capabilities."

David P. Farrington - Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University

"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is a powerful program for meta‐analysis computations. It is user‐friendly and easy to learn. Its capabilities to produce forest plots and complete subgroup analyses are particularly useful. Additionally, the CMA support staff is quick to respond to any trouble‐shooting issues."


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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) is a powerful computer program for meta-analysis. The program combines ease of use with a wide array of computational options and sophisticated graphics.