Corporate pricing

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The evaluation software is the Professional version. Review the differences.
Upgrades to Professional are priced at the software cost difference plus a $20 convenience fee.
To run the program on a Mac, a Windows emulator is necessary such as Parallels or Bootcamp. Using Wine or CrossOver is not recommended.
Bulk Licensing: When purchasing multiple licenses, the lease starts the day the customer requests the FIRST unlock code. All leases will be set to expire one or two years from that date.

Corporate Pricing (Version 4)

Professional Version

Standard Version

Lite Version

One Year Two Year One Year Two Year One Year Two Year
Copies Unit Total Unit Total Unit Total Unit Total Unit Total Unit Total
1 $US895 $US895 $US1295 $US1295 $US495 $US495 $US795 $US795 $US295 $US295 $US395 $US395
2 $US695 $US1390 $US995 $US1990 $US395 $US790 $US595 $US1190 $US195 $US390 $US295 $US590
5 $US595 $US2975 $US895 $US4475 $US345 $US1725 $US545 $US2725 $US175 $US875 $US265 $US1325
10 $US495 $US4950 $US795 $US7950 $US325 $US3250 $US495 $US4950 $US145 $US1450 $US235 $US2350
20 $US395 $US7900 $US595 $US11900 $US225 $US4500 $US345 $US6900 $US125 $US2500 $US175 $US3500
40 $US295 $US11800 $US395 $US15800 $US145 $US5800 $US245 $US9800 $US75 $US3000 $US120 $US4800
100 $US195 $US19500 $US295 $US29500 $US125 $US12500 $US195 $US19500 $US55 $US5500 $US85 $US8500
200 $US125 $US25000 $US195 $US39000 $US65 $US13000 $US95 $US19000 $US40 $US8000 $US60 $US12000
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"The meta‐analysis program is easy to use and provides me with information that would be hard to get by any other means. I analyze a lot of data and, believe it or not, use the meta‐analysis program every day. I am not a statistician, but the results I produce have routinely been verified by statistical consultants costing large amounts for their confirmatory analyses. Without verification, I have used the results to make important decisions regarding a potential billion dollar a year product. At night I wonder, “What would I have done without this great program.”"

Louis Fabre MD, PhD - Chairman, Fabre‐Kramer Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is easy to learn and use, with a clear and friendly interface. The software provides a detailed display of meta‐analytic results plus a wonderful format for presentation of results. It is my favorite software for meta‐analysis of study‐level data."

Joe Cappelleri - Pfizer, Inc.