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"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is, literally speaking, the most comprehensive and user friendly metaanalysis “package” program. It excellently accommodates both advanced and beginning users’ needs at the same time and different levels of needs over time. Among numerous laudable features, this package program provides the most comprehensive and advanced solution for testing publication bias. Using Excel‐like interfaces, moderator analyses are very easy to do! It would be a great loss for any competent researcher and practitioner to overlook this impressive package program."

In‐Sue Oh, PhD - Department of Management, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is easy to use in terms of data entry, flexibility of variables, options with fixed and random analysis and understanding output. I recommend it to all my students conducting meta‐analyses because of these reasons. It is the only software program I use to conduct analysis of studies."

Guy D. Eslick - Associate Professor, The Whiteley‐Martin Research Centre, Discipline of Surgery, The University of Sydney