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Are you teaching a class in statistics or meta-analysis?
Take advantage of these videos.

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Every student gets

  • Access to the videos
  • Access to the software for the duration of the course
  • Annotated PDFs corresponding to each video
  • Exercises with step-by-step instructions for performing the analysis
  • Access to discussion boards and zoom sessions
  • A PDF copy of the text Common Mistakes in Meta-Analysis and How to Avoid Them

Limited-time offer: This is all at no cost.
This offer applies only to listed courses at universities and hospitals.
Other restriction apply.
We ask that you put a link on your university website to https://meta-analysis.com/

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"I have used Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis II for the last 6 years to assist with a number of published meta‐analytic studies in the behavioral sciences. I have found the program to be flexible and powerful. I have also used CMA II in two graduate seminars focused on meta‐analysis. The students are able to learn the program quickly and appreciate how it structures their data sets and prevents some common mistakes made in meta‐analysis."

Alan J. Hawkins, Ph.D. - Professor of Family Life, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

"I found the Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis software program to be extremely user friendly, providing instant computational data from the simplest to the most complex statistical problems, a versatile database to help organize and restructure large volumes of multifaceted data, and parallel visuals that help better understand your data. I also found the support staff very helpful in providing responses to both my technical questions about the program itself as well as helpful addressing more general theoretical questions about meta‐analyses. I would highly recommend this program to a novice or more seasoned researcher interested in conducting meta‐analytic statistics."

Talin Babikian, PhD, MPH - UCLA